Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holly's Year 2010

Holly has had a very hectic but fun filled year that has been dominated by the Centenary Year of Guiding. Centenary events she's taken part in have included a Pack Trip to London (including knocking the door of number 10), The National Centenary Camp at Harwood House and the Vision event where at 20:10 on 20/10 in 2010 Guides throughout the world renewed their promise, the North Yorkshire event was at Newby Hall.

Holly (left) and another Brownie from her pack, they got there before David Cameron!
In addition to her Brownie life Holly is also a cub with the 16th Harrogate, and has got up to all the same activities as Bethany there. She also keeps up with her dance and appeared in the show but isn't quite as keen as Beth.

Holly is now in her second year of Junior School and is progressing well.

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