Saturday, January 1, 2011

Karen's Year 2010

In terms of work Karen continues to work 20hours a week as a community pharmacist at a local Lloyds Pharmacy Store. This equates to Tuesday, Friday and every other Saturday morning. The hours and location are extremely convenient for the vast variety of family activities that the kids undertake, much of the taxi-ing falling to Karen. That list again: swimming, brownies, guides, cubs, scouts, swimming, ballet, tap, modern, swimming, drama club, sewing club, oh and did I mention swimming?

Another project was that Karen finally got opportunity to put into practice some of her skills learnt on a garden design course to make a start on updating/tidying the back garden. This included a new patio area built by ourselves and planting new apple and cherry trees.

During the year we said farewell to Karen's very reliable but 15 year old VW Polo that finally became uneconomic to run. This has now been replaced by an '07 Renault Scenic (yes we've gone French!) but being diesel it drinks less fuel for all those taxi runs.

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