Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ryan's Year 2010

Ryan's first love is swimming, no matter what else is happening very little prevents him from getting to his 6 training sessions a week, including the 3 that start around 5am! Problem is he still likes mum or dad to drive him there! He's a member of Harrogate District Swimming Club and is swimming for himself and the club at several galas a year around the region with the odd club trip away to places like Hereford for competitions.

Between swimming sessions Ryan manages to fit in school. He's now in his second year (Year 8) at Rossett High School and is loving the 'more grown up' school life. Despite all the miles in the pool his school work is progressing well with a definite bias towards maths and science, no surprise there. We were pleased that Rossett achieved an outstanding OFSTED inspection during July.

In the little bit of time left Ryan is an active member of the Scout Troop and in addition to the weekly meetings he's taken part in several camps, hikes and expedition challenges. The Scouts also had a week camp on the banks of Kielder Water when he got chance to sail, make rafts, kayak, hike, bivvy and mountain bike.

Ryan (right hand end) on the Summit of Buckden Pike with the scouts in July

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